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An original Nismo 400R finished in Midnight Purple (LP2) and stamped as vehicle 7 of 44 out of the total 400R's ever produced worldwide. Featuring the RB-X GT2 RB27 engine and a unique 400R body kit available from Nismo directly in which is now available to purchase with the right provided credentials. This car in particular featuring minor upgraded parts to enhance drivability.

From Nissan Motorsport (Nismo):

The 400R. Based on the Skyline GT-R, and filled with the racing experience and sport option development experience of racing specialist company NISMO to answer the desires of GT-R fans.

Races have been held since long before the GT-R came around. We planned our strategies for winning races, and through a great number of victories, and our continued experience on the street as well, kept developing towards a truly unique vehicle. That thoroughbred NISMO lineage has now extended through several generations and has resulted in a creature for today. It’s driven by a 2,800cc heart, with a truly NISMO set-up of suspension, twin-palate clutch, reinforced powertrain with carbon driveshaft, reinforced brakes, the solid footing of 18-inch 10J wheels, an intense H.I.D. lighting system to pierce the darkness, and a host of other systems and NISMO technologies.

The concept was to provide a feeling of instant driving response exactly as the driver intends-and we’re confident that we have succeeded. Add to this the pride of owning a 400R, and the many different kinds of enjoyment that come with driving this kind of vehicle. Take your time and really experience it.

It wasn’t simply a matter of building a car that boasts high power, however. Roads don’t only travel in a straight line. We wanted a car that could pull proudly up to a hotel door, one that could travel down city streets or tree-lined, winding country roads and still give it all on the circuit.

There’s one car that brings it all together-the NISMO 400R.


  • - Nismo 400R Front Bumper
  • - Nismo 400R Front Bumper Air Intake
  • - Nismo 400R Oil Cooler Duct
  • - Nismo 400R Rear Bumper Emblem
  • - Nismo 400R Brake Air Duct
  • - Nismo 400R Intercooler Air Guide
  • - Nismo 400R Carbon Rear Wing Blade
  • - Nismo 400R Carbon LM Bonnet
  • - Nismo 400R Carbon Rear Wing Side Ornaments
  • - Nismo 400R Front & Rear Bumper Over Fenders
  • - Nismo 400R Side Skirt
  • - Nissan HID Lighting System


  • - Nismo RB-X GT2 RB26DETT Engine (2.7L)
  • - Special ECCS Unit
  • - 2.7L Increased Bore
  • - Reinforced Cylinder Block
  • - Nismo High-flow Sports Catalytic Converter
  • - Nismo Intercooler
  • - Nismo Oil Cap
  • - 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket
  • - RB-X GT2 Forged Piston Cooling Channels
  • - Nismo RB-X GT2 Forged Crankshaft
  • - Nismo RB-X GT2 Forged Connecting Rods
  • - Nismo 400R Radiator Cap 1.3 Bar
  • - GReddy Intercooler Piping Kit
  • - Nismo Radiator Cap
  • - Nismo N1 Spec Turbochargers
  • - Strengthened Actuators
  • - Nismo High-Flow Air Filter
  • - Nismo Front Pipe (Stainless Steel)
  • - Nismo Air-Cooled Oil Cooler
  • - GReddy Intake Piping Kit

Suspension & Chassis

  • - Nismo Twin Plate Clutch
  • - Nismo 400R Carbon Drive Shaft
  • - Bilstein Shock Absorbers
  • - Nismo Titanium Tower Bar
  • - Alcon Big Brake Kit
  • - Nismo Master Cylinder Stop


  • - RAYS Nismo LMGT1 18x10+20
  • - Dunlop Direzza Z3 275/35/18 95W


  • - Nismo 320kmph Combination Meter
  • - Nismo Triple Meter
  • - Nismo Titanium Shift Knob
  • - Nismo 400R Steering Wheel 360mm
  • - Nismo 400R Bucket Seats
  • - Nismo Racing Harness
  • - Nismo 400R Floor Mats
  • - Nismo Kill Switch Lighter