AMS Alpha 9X Installation PT.3

Date Posted:6 June 2018 

R35 GT-R AMS ALPHA 9X Package PT.3 | Injectors & Pre-Suspension Prep

No fuel, no play! 

Without the necessary fuelling we wouldn't be able to achieve the power we are aiming for, Injector Dynamic ID1050X Injectors are included with the ALPHA 9X kit regardless if you choose the optional turbos or not. Careful removal of individual injectors and the fuel rail is important at this stage, so to say we will treat every part of your vehicle as such. Previously installed to support the new Injectors was the ALPHA Brushless Fuel Pump another well engineered product and worth the initial cost.

Make your mark.

We believe it's important to label each bolt returning it to the exact same thread it once left. It's a simple step and some would even say unecessary. At the end of the day it's your pride and joy and it's our job to take extra precautionary steps to take care of it as if it were our own. 

So much room for activities, not.

The R35 GT-R is a big car and so is the motor. Sometimes you forget that the VR38DETT is huge. There isn't much room to work with and in many circumstances multiple parts are required to be removed before even reaching what you need. Thankfully the essentials are within reach and require minimal work. 

The ID1050X.

Here we see the brand new Injector Dynamics ID1050X next to the OEM Injector from Nissan. It's always a pleasure to work with high quality products with solid research and development behind each part. These Injectors have a specified flow rate of 1065cc/min at 43.5psi and should fuel this R35 GT-R without issue. 

OEM Suspension Removal.

The OEM R35 GT-R Bilstein Suspension has been removed from the front and rear of the vehicle in preparation for the Bilstein Litchfield Suspension about to go in. Retaining the EDC (Electronic Damper Control) is a big plus allowing for all comfort, normal and race modes to be used.

Out with the old, in with the new.

One last look at the OEM R35 GT-R Suspension before the Litchfield replacement is fitted. Whilst adequate in most situations, this customer will require a little bit more in regards to race use. As quoted on the AMS website "The Litchfield GT-R Suspension kit offers a more 'analogue' link between the steering and driver, increasing driver confidence, improving turn-in, reducing understeer and creating a more stable high-speed chassis, particularly over undulating surfaces." We're confident our customer will feel the same. 

Want more from your R35 GT-R?

Contact the team at V-Spec Performance for all performance solutions. Call (03) 9877 7736 or Email us at alternatively drop in Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm and have a chat about your requirements, we are found at 17-19 Terracotta Drive, Blackburn, VIC 3130. 

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