AMS Alpha 9X Installation PT.2

Date Posted:5 June 2018 

R35 GT-R AMS ALPHA 9X Package PT.2 | Intercooler & Intake

All good things come in big packages! 

Moving forward from the Oil Cooler & Transmission Cooler we commenced work fitting the AMS Intercooler & Intake Kit, again, stunning products and made to AMS / ALPHA standards which is indeed perfection. Above is a comparison of the OEM R35 GT-R Intercooler sized up against the AMS ALPHA Intercooler. If you look hard enough you can see the sandwich plate in the middle splitting the middle cores. 

Also being replaced is the plastic tubing, whilst still relatively strong in its own perspective it can only be fitted whilst using the OEM core/s. Quality Silicone Hoses and clamps are used as an alternative and fit snugly inbetween all other surrounding components. Neat!

Like a glove, sort of.

Here we see the AMS ALPHA Intercooler sitting in its new home, it's previous tenant was evicted due to not being sufficient enough. All jokes aside, this is a serious intercooler. Found on the worlds fastest R35 GT-R and designed to be the best performing, most efficient GT-R intercooler currently available to the market. We had to do some trimming and modifications to the air guide/ducting to make it fit but it'll all be worth it. Reinforcements were also added to the mid section to strengthen the overall structure as well as the additional AMS Air Guides you can see fitted. 

The difference is in the details.

CNC Billet Inlet and Oulet ports and made to perfection. These intercoolers are pressure tested to 50psi and are proven performers.

Do it right the first time.

Now mounted and sitting pretty without any further modifications to the body or chassis, as you know modifying the reinforcement bar will deem our car by Australian standards ' unroadworthy'. You can also see the driver side intake piping and filter fitted. Again, this kit is a testament to the overall quality of AMS ALPHA products. 

A small compromise for big results.

Slight trimming with the dremel ensure that the Intercooler piping sits nicely without any intrusion or rubbing from surrounding components, a small price to pay. 

A good pair of lungs for optimal performance.

Last but not least is the AMS ALPHA R35 GT-R Cold Air Intake Kit, good for 1000HP and above. Drawing air directly from the front bumper and decluttering the engine bay, removing the bulky OEM airboxes that once resided in its place. 

Want more from your R35 GT-R?

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