AMS Alpha 9X Installation PT.6

Date Posted:12 June 2018 


Dialled in.

All SPL Pro & Eibach & Litchfield suspension components are now fitted and ready for a thorough wheel alignment from our go to alignment specialist Ray at Raceline Motorsport. Your last look at the stunning suspension arms and rods from SPL and Eibach. Weight saving should be aplenty too! 

Loud noises?!

Scott had fitted up the Y-Pipe before I had a chance to take a photo of the dump pipes by themselves. AMS supposedly make the largest diameter downpipe available for the R35 GT-R currently on the market? We trust them. This car should make some lovely sounds coupled up with the owners current titanium exhaust which has next to no exhaust baffling or mufflers. Maybe we'll throw in a set of complimentary ear muffs!

Take a seat.

The EDIRB a division of Bride (note the backwards spelling) was the seat of choice today for our customer, this one in particular the EDIRB 031 fixed carbon bucket seat. Including R35 GT-R specific seat rails and a singular Schroth 6-Point Racing Harness for the driver. Holding you in as you swing around tight corners at high speeds is a major confidence boost and will allow the driver to push his car that little bit more. 

Safety first.

A closer look at the EDIRB 031 carbon bucket seat in all its glory. High quality carbon fiber and clear coated to last the ages. 

Want more from your R35 GT-R?

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