AMS Alpha 9X Installation PT.5

Date Posted:8 June 2018 

R35 GT-R AMS ALPHA 9X Package PT.5 | Fuel Pump Wiring & Brake Pads

So close, yet so far.

Another day, another task - everything refitted in the engine bay to settle in before a final once over prior to tuning. Today, we're wiring up the, take a breath, Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Omega Brushless Single Fuel Pump System. With two years of research & development the AMS ALPHA team have created the ultimate fueling solution for your R35 GT-R! We've already fitted one to our R35 so our go-to-guy Scott had no issues fitting this one.

Tidy up that mess, young man.

Scott is by no means a messy guy, the look of exposed coloured wires probably made his skin crawl a little bit. Wires as such shouldn't be exposed and it's in our and Scotts best interest to protect the newly installed wiring from the elements or any potential harm.

Just like new.

Amazing what a little bit of effort can achieve, tidy wires and a near-OEM like finish. If we put electrical tape you probably wouldn't even know we fitted new wiring. The whole idea of taking that little extra step is what'll set your vehicle apart from everyone else.

It might not look like much, but it's something.

Under that plate is the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Omega Brushless Single Fuel Pump System, This brushless fuel pump is AMS's creme de la crop found in the fastest R35 GT-R in the world; Brushless, Quiet, Tunable, Lower temperatures & Consistent fuel pressure make this system on every modified R35 GT-R owners most wanted list.

More grip, activated.

The Litchfield upgraded Bilstein suspension is finally fitted and looks great in there! Looking forward to driver feedback after our customers first track day outing. 


The PMU HC+800 brake pad is the pad of choice today for this R35. A superior pad to the standard OEM pads and made from PMUs signature 'Hypercarbon' compound.

Want more from your R35 GT-R?

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