AMS Alpha 9X Installation PT.4

Date Posted:7 June 2018 

R35 GT-R AMS ALPHA 9X Package PT.4 | Adjustable Arms & Suspension

Lightweight, Baby!

This stunning pair of SPL Pro Front Upper Camber Caster Arms about to be fitted to this R35 GT-R! Super lightweight not to mention the quality is above and beyond of what you'd initially expect it to be. Originally made from CNC milled 6061 billet aluminum and nickle plated chromoly providing unparalleled strength and durability ensure your car is fitted with what one would consider the 'bees knees'. Fitting these will allow the further camber and caster adjustment needed to point this car in the right direction at all times. 

Planted like a tree.

Included with the Litchfield Suspension Kit is this Rear Anti-Roll Bar, made to compliment your new suspension perfectly and keep you planted at all times provided you don't start hitting ramps or ripple strips at extremely high speeds. This thicker bar will reduce body roll and enhance your new suspension geometry allowing our customer to drive faster more confidently. 

Adjustments for days.

Various SPL Pro Adjustable Suspension Arms are also fitted to this R35 GT-R allowing further adjustability before his next track day. The difference should be night and day in comparison to his old OEM setup when dialled in properly by an experienced wheel alignment specialist. In addition these parts are a joy to install and pure eye candy for those who appreciate quality suspension components not to mention lightweight! 

Better geometry, better results.

Not quite complete but an update nonetheless. All SPL Pro Suspension Arms and Eibach Sway Bar installed and awaiting the Litchfield Suspension. Nearly ready for an alignment.

Litchfield, Bilstein.

One corner test fitted and looking good. The entire idea of the Litchfield upgrade was to take the original OEM Suspension and make it better in every way. A proven upgrade and worth the money for those in search of a reliable solution without diving into the 'track-focused' suspension replacements.

Want more from your R35 GT-R?

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